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February Focus Is..."Energy"

Today's Focus Is "Energy"… now Webster defines #Energy, as "The #strength and #vitality required for #sustained #physical and/or #mental activity. It is also "the #feeling of possessing such #strength and #vitality.” As we explore some of the C #power, #vigor, and #strength!” We realize energy is the most important resource to existence. Many times I’ve seen #badenergy destroy a great person. Many because they allow the environment to slow their #energy level down. Personally, I've allowed my #Energy to slow down many times based on the environment's energy in my life. The most common #energy stealers is #procrastination, #Entertainment, #comfortzone, #overeating, #weight concerns, and medication your take. These acts may seem helpful at the moment, but ultimately it undermines us, especially when we engage in them repeatedly. You must remember our destiny, is determined by our mind, body, and spirit. So how do we overcome Low Energy Level?

The Professional:
As a professional, we all procrastinate from time to time at work and in life. If the environment you're in is draining your energy! You must change it or find someplace to escape until you can. Energy is the most important substance in advancing your talent and skills. You must change who you are around, especially people with bad energy in order to get head! I suggest you use strengthening deliberation and self-regulation methods of your priceless time. Using technology to help you remember the important things you want to conquer. A small reminder of who you want to become and how you're going to get there is essential to building substantial energy! Self-regulate yourself to stay on task. Shift your definition of your worth, from outcomes to pure effort will give you the energy to surpass anything.

The Entrepreneur:
As an entrepreneur, you're both a professional and manager of your own destiny! Energy is harder to maintain because unlike a professional career with a support team. Many entrepreneurs start alone and with a lot of nays'ers around them. What gives entrepreneur energy is a passion for the cause. If you're failing right now in business and you don’t have the energy to press forward…You're in the wrong business! Success is not created by the motivation of how much money you can make! Success is created by the energy you put in for the solution you provide others. Real entrepreneur energy comes from the joy of their creation. Put your energy in the strengths of your business skills and never allow outside influences to stop you from achieving your destiny.

The Lifestyle:
Good Energy at work brings great energy back home! Now depending on your home environment this energy can grow or disappear! Home should be the foundation for your energy. It's the place where you should be able to store your energy. But for some people home drain their energy. The pile of bills or an unhappy spouse can do more damage to your energy than any other person in the world. The hardest part is these types of energy barriers cannot be avoided by changing the environment. The only solution for these energy drainers is communication. Bills you know come every month to communicate and negotiate with them your situation, no matter how bad it may look. With your unhappy spouse find the root cause for their frustration and find ways to assist them in fixing it. This is a great relationship & energy building method.

The Bottom line:
Energy is a necessity for steady growth in every area of your life. It controls the bottom of your physical and mental state of mind. You will never gain power or control over your life without the energy to do it! It's important that you stay away from energy-robbing people. Attend class, workshops, and networking events with people with similar interests as you. Studies show people put the major of their energy and time into what their interests are in life. Stop putting your time in people, no matter how close they are that drains your energy. Understand low energy can leaded to major health problems and wasting the most precious thing in life…TIME!

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